Jodi Clark is an artist now based in Whanganui.  She spent three years at Whanganui School of Fine Arts and graduated from Elam, Auckland in 2002.

After spending 8 years in Hong Kong and China she and her partner have returned her birthplace to continue raising their young family and to create.


"I am a painter interested in the trans-cultural and historical nature of symbolism: multiple dialogues of shapes become abstracted from their original intent, taking on new meaning and life, while still triggering memories and nostalgia. Viewer experience is only limited to what is evident to the individual, absorbed through life experience and media culture."  

She uses line and composition to make strong statements of form and the complexities of visual language.  Current works are an exploration of colour, modernism, decoration and the syntax of shapes.  Her work process is intrinsic to the end product, hundreds of sketches are made in a fairly uncalculated, free-flowing way - each one informing the next - and are edited down to a select few as a starting point for either gouache or acrylic paintings to be born.


Jodi has begun to show widely in the last few years featuring in exhibitions as far afield as China and New York.